7th Garden
7th Garden

7th Garden

Alternative Name: セブンスガーデン;7thGARDEN セブンスガーデン

Genre(s): Shounen

Author(s): Izumi Mitsu Artist(s): Izumi Mitsu
4.39(18 Votes)

Released: 2014 Type: Manga Status: Ongoing Total Views: 47070

Magazine: Unknown
Rank: 329


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One day while searching the forest for a monster that has been attacking his village, Arwin finds and wakes a mysterious young woman who appears to have been sleeping for a very long time. Turns out this girl is a demon who wants Arwin to become her servant and assist her in accomplishing her goal of ripping off the wings of the six angels that protect the Earth. Doing so will allow the demon to take control of the world and make it her "7th Garden"