Aa Tantei Jimusho
Aa Tantei Jimusho

Aa Tantei Jimusho

Alternative Name: ああ探偵事務所 王牌大侦探 ; อ๊ะอ๋า นักสืบซูเปอร์เก๊ก ; Ah! Tantei Jimusho ; Alas! Tantei Jimusho ; Oh! Tantei Jimusho

Genre(s): Comedy , Mystery , Seinen

Author(s): KANZAKI Shummi Artist(s): KANZAKI Shummi
3.00(3 Votes)

Released: 2002 Type: Manga Status: Ongoing Total Views: 8405

Magazine: Unknown
Rank: 1176


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Tsumaki is a private investigator of the “Aaah Detective Agency” that is obviously listed on the first line of the phone book. He has a great love toward investigation, and aims to solve new cases with his keen and original insight, yet always tends to fail miserably. No wonder he’s pinched to pay his rent… With the support of his colleagues, powerful action, and elaborated costumes, he tries to solve crimes in his original ways!