Imawa no Kuni no Alice Retry
Imawa no Kuni no Alice Retry
Magazine: Shounen Sunday

Imawa no Kuni no Alice Retry

Alternative Name: Alice in Borderland Retry ; 今際の国のアリス RETRY

Genre(s): Action,Drama,Shounen

Author(s): ASOU Haro Artist(s): ASOU Haro
4.4 / 5 7

Released: 2020-01-01 05:30:00 Type: Manga Status: Completed Total Views: 9112

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Alice Ryouhei, now a grown adult and married to Yuzuha, who is expected to give birth to their first child any day now, suddenly finds himself back in the Borderlands, the land between Life and Death, after getting into an accident. Will he be able to make it out of the Borderlands once more...?