Marginal Operation
Marginal Operation

Marginal Operation

Alternative Name: マージナル・オペレーション; 边缘行动

Genre(s): Action, Adult, Mature, Seinen

Author(s): Shibamura Yuri Artist(s): Kimura Daisuke
4.64(39 Votes)

Released: 2013 Type: Manga Status: Ongoing Total Views: 82487

Magazine: Unknown
Rank: 161

Latest Chapter: 81


Ryouta Arata, a NEET who loves light novels and video games.

After bearing with being a NEET for 7 continuous years he is resolved to change, and finds himself suddenly employed by PMSCs, a foreign military company, whose favourable terms he felt attracted to after finding out about it on the internet...

The 30 year old NEET is shocked by the truth about the world he knew in a foreign country!