How to Break up in a Romance Simulation
How to Break up in a Romance Simulation
Magazine: Naver Webtoon
Chapter: 52

How to Break up in a Romance Simulation

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Genre(s): Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo

Author(s): Hwanmi, Sonabul Artist(s): Minini
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Released: 2021 Type: Manhwa Status: Ongoing Total Views: 428

Yeonga Lee has always been called “the guillotine.” Whether it’s chopping up boys' hearts in school or cutting out incompetent employees at her current job, she is the definition of ruthless. The only sense of “love” she has ever given is through playing her favorite dating simulation game. After clearing her third run-through, Yeonga is sent a device that allows her to actually enter the game as the main character. But there is a catch. All of her save data thus far has been added in, meaning she is currently dating three out of the four male leads! To make things more complicated, Yeonga can’t leave the simulation until she finds her true love. That is where the final male lead and Yeonga’s favorite, Ren Brecht, enters the scene. Unfortunately, when it comes to affection, Ren just might be as merciless as Yeonga…