Jouhai Shougun, Mata Yabureru
Jouhai Shougun, Mata Yabureru
Chapter: 43

Jouhai Shougun, Mata Yabureru

Alternative Name: 常敗将軍、また敗れる, 常败将军又战败了

Genre(s): Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen

Author(s): HOUJOU Shinkurou, ITOU Souichi Artist(s): Unknown
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Released: Unknown Type: Manga Status: Ongoing Total Views: 1060

「貴様はこれまで父ローディアスと二度、長兄シャルクとは一度戦っているはず。そして、どの戦にも負けた」「しかし、まだ生きている」ティナの声が少し弾んだ。 世界最強の「ヴァサームントの騎士団」当主の娘、ティナは初陣にて『常敗将軍』と渾名される異端の英雄、ドゥ・ダーカスと出会った。 陰謀に満ちた戦乱の世界で破格の生き様を見せる英雄ダーカスと、その姿を追いかけるティナや姫将軍・シャルナら魅力的なキャラクター達が織り成す一大ファンタジー戦記!

“You fought twice against my father, Rodias, and once with my brother, Shalk. You lost every battle, but you’re still alive”. Tina’s voice was a bit ecstatic.

Tina, the daughter of the leader from the world’s strongest cavalry corps, the Vassamund cavalry, got to meet Du Darkas, an unorthodox hero with the nickname “The Always losing General” in her first time going on the battlefield.

This is a fantasy war story following a hero named Du Darkas, his follower Tina, the princess general Sharna, and other attractive characters’ way of life in a war torn world that’s full of conspiracies.