My Dad Is Too Strong
My Dad Is Too Strong
Chapter: 96

My Dad Is Too Strong

Alternative Name: 아빠가 너무 강함, 我爸太强了, 아빠가 너무 강함

Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Isekai, Sci-fi

Author(s): GaebyeokS Artist(s): Unknown
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Released: Unknown Type: Manhwa Status: Ongoing Total Views: 193

재능도 없고 어리바리한 말단 공무원이 천마가 되어 돌아왔다.

무림에서 숱한 고난을 겪은 뒤, 남은 삶은 평범하게 살겠다고 다짐했는데…

“아빠가 되어 주세요. 제가 졸업할 때까지만.”

팔자에도 없던 딸이 생겨 버렸다?

A stupid, stupid civil servant with no talent returned as a thousand horses.

After suffering many hardships in Moorim, I pledged to live the rest of my life as normal… “Become a dad. Only until I graduate.” Has a daughter who wasn’t even in the sell-off?