Prime Minister Club
Prime Minister Club
Magazine: Jump SQ
Chapter: 0

Prime Minister Club

Alternative Name: Prime Minister Club; Souri Club; 総理倶楽部

Genre(s): Comedy, Historical, Shounen, Supernatural

Author(s): HIMARUYA Hidekaz Artist(s): HIMARUYA Hidekaz, SAKURA Kenichi
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Released: 2021 Type: Manga Status: Ongoing Total Views: 1801

Compared to his handsome and athletic twin brother, high school student Daigo Hinata has no talents and does not excel at anything in particular. His uneventful life takes a turn when a well-dressed man whisks him away to the Japanese Diet—a location at the heart of the country's political action. While trying to understand his purpose there, he receives a special key that grants him access to a beautiful space underneath the Diet.

The secret place is home to the mysterious Prime Minister Club—a group consisting of Japanese prime ministers from eras gone by. The unskilled Daigo learns that he is now a club member and will be the next Prime Minister of Japan! He insists that there is no way someone as plain as him will attain such a position, but under the guidance of former prime ministers, Daigo slowly finds himself training to become the succeeding leader of the nation.

From the creator of Hetalia: Axis Powers, Souri Club puts a comedic spin on both Japanese political history and Meiji-era prime ministers.