Queen Revenge
Queen Revenge
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Queen Revenge

Alternative Name: 황후 위목화, Queen's Revenge, Empress Wi Mokhwa, Queen’s Revenge, 废后不可欺, 废后不可欺 Abandoned Queen Cannot Be Oppressed, 황후 위목화

Genre(s): Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Shoujo

Author(s): Yeong Munyak [Add, ] Artist(s): Unknown
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Released: Unknown Type: Manhwa Status: Ongoing Total Views: 359

위목화는 두 번의 삶을 허락받았다. 첫 생이 지옥보다 더 잔혹했기에 죽음 뒤에 생은 그녀에게 역류했다. 열다섯은 사랑에 빠지기 쉬운 나이였다. 이가준은 그녀에게 있어 영원보다 완벽한 운명이었다. 죽음을 맞이한 순간, 위목화는 인정할 수밖에 없었다. 그녀의 열다섯은 필연이 아니라 절망의 시작점이었다. 마침내 후회한 순간, 두 번째 열다섯이 그녀를 찾아왔다. 이번엔 이제준의 청량한 연정이 그녀의 곁을 지켰다.

Mokhwa fell in love with a prince, Gajun Lee, at the tender age of fifteen and together they ascended to the throne. However, what she did not know then was that her husband had deliberately trapped her in a web of lies from the moment they met in order to attain the power he craved so deeply. Marriage soon enlightens her to this truth, but she is unable to avoid him eventually leading her to her death. As the darkness begins to consume her, she promises herself that in her next life she will seek revenge and protect those she loves. When she opens her eyes again, she discovers she has returned to her 15-year-old self! As the future begins to unfold in similar patterns and she finds herself caught between Gajun and his older brother, the sweet Jejun, she becomes even more determined to change her fate and make those who wronged her pay.