Renkin Kizoku no Ryouchi Keiei
Renkin Kizoku no Ryouchi Keiei
Chapter: 24.2

Renkin Kizoku no Ryouchi Keiei

Alternative Name: Allied noble territory management, 錬金貴族の領地経営

Genre(s): Comedy, Fantasy

Author(s): Chihiro Mishima (三島千廣) Artist(s): Unknown
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Released: Unknown Type: Manga Status: Ongoing Total Views: 1989


The old man of a company livestock was reincarnated as a nobleman in another world. While thinking about spending quietly in the royal capital of a different world, he went to the territory as a lord of the lord because his father fell ill. For a moment I felt relaxed in the country, but there was a desolate territory that my parents threw away. Strict tax collection from the king, local celebrities who fuel the rebellion, and mistresses named maids. Is it the reconstruction of the prestigious Carlier family? The challenge of the reincarnated aristocrat Cain (10) begins with the ability to cheat as an alchemist.