Shadows House
Shadows House
Chapter: 173

Shadows House

Alternative Name: Shadow House, Дом теней, シャドーハウス, 影宅, 섀도 하우스, 섀도 하우스 [스크롤], 섀도하우스

Genre(s): Drama, Horror, Mystery, Seinen, Slice of Life, Supernatural

Author(s): Somato Artist(s): Unknown
5.0 / 5 1

Released: Unknown Type: Manga Status: Ongoing Total Views: 6989

不思議な洋館に住む、 顔のないシャドー一族と、 世話係の“生き人形”たち。 彼らが織りなす、 摩訶不思議な日常とは…?

Faceless shadow nobles living in a vast mansion, attended by living dolls who spend much of their time cleaning up the soot endlessly emitted by their mysterious masters.

Follow the story of Emilyko, a young and cheerful living doll, as she learns her duties serving as the attendant for Kate Shadow-sama. What dangers and dark secrets will she and Kate encounter, as they become more deeply involved in the inner workings of the shadows’ society?