The Emperor Reverses Time
The Emperor Reverses Time
Magazine: Naver Webtoon
Chapter: 93

The Emperor Reverses Time

Alternative Name: 그 황제가 시곗바늘을 되돌린 사연, L'empereur qui remonta le temps, จักรพรรดิเย็นชา ย้อนเวลาหารัก, 皇帝が時計の針を巻き戻した事情, 皇帝倒轉時光的理由, 皇帝倒转时间的理由, 그 황제가 시곗바늘을 되돌린 사연

Genre(s): Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Shoujo

Author(s): Hwayeong Artist(s): Yongkkeu
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Released: 2021 Type: Manhwa Status: Ongoing Total Views: 829

황후 리지가 숨을 거둔 뒤에야 황제 레온은 자신의 어리석음을 깨닫고 후회했지만 이미 시곗바늘은 지나갔다. 레온의 소원으로 시계탑의 마녀는 레온이 황후 리지를 처음 만나던 날로 시곗바늘을 되돌리고, 과거로 돌아간 레온에게 남은 일은 오직 리지를 행복하게 해주는 일 뿐… 하지만, 되돌린 시곗바늘의 영향력은 생각하는 것 이상으로 컸는데… 과연 레온은 리지를 행복하게 해 줄 수 있을까?

Only after Empress Lizzie died did Emperor Leon realize his foolishness and regret it late, but the clock had already passed.

With Leon’s wishes, the Witch of the Clock Tower turned back time to the day Leon first met Empress Lizzie, and all that was left for Leon, who had returned to the past, was to make Lizzie happy.

But the influence of turning back time was greater than he thought. Will Leon be able to make Lizzie happy?