The Strongest Florist
The Strongest Florist
Magazine: Naver Webtoon
Chapter: 132

The Strongest Florist

Alternative Name: Strongest Florist; The Macho Florist; Too Strong to Grow Only Flowers; Слишком сильный, чтобы выращивать только цветы; สุภาพบุรุษบุษบา; 꽃만 키우는데 너무 강함; 꽃만 키우는데 너무강함

Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Manga, Romance, Webtoons

Author(s): Kumtata Artist(s): JOO Hyeonhu
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Released: 2020 Type: Manhwa Status: Ongoing Total Views: 548

Even though he’s built like a fighter with a fearsome scowl, Jaeho would love nothing more than to become a florist instead. Unfortunately, Jaeho’s overbearing father disapproves, pushing his son to become an MMA fighter instead. Jaeho enters the virtual reality game, New World, to escape his father’s ambitions, but will he be able to realize his dreams?