Tokkyuu Guild e Youkoso!
Tokkyuu Guild e Youkoso!
Chapter: 6

Tokkyuu Guild e Youkoso!

Alternative Name: Tokkyuu Guild e Youkoso! @ Comic, Welcome to the Special Guild!, 欢迎来到特级公会, 特級ギルドへようこそ!@COMIC

Genre(s): Adventure, Fantasy, Slice of Life

Author(s): AI Riia [Add, ] Artist(s): Unknown
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Released: Unknown Type: Manga Status: Ongoing Total Views: 134

Meg, an OL, is transported to a different world, into a young elf girl’s body. She’s picked up by a handsome man named Guilnandio and joins his guild, Ortus. There, all the members quickly start adoring her and she becomes a healing figure in the guild.

A warm guild fantasy full of handsome men and beautiful women.