Zense Seijo wa Te wo Nukitai Yokiyoki
Zense Seijo wa Te wo Nukitai Yokiyoki
Chapter: 0

Zense Seijo wa Te wo Nukitai Yokiyoki

Alternative Name: Zense Seijo wa Te o Nukitai Yokiyoki, In My Previous Life I Was a Saint, but Now I Want to Cut Corners, 前世聖女は手を抜きたい よきよき

Genre(s): Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Josei, Romance, School Life

Author(s): AYATO Yume Artist(s): Unknown
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Released: Unknown Type: Manga Status: Ongoing Total Views: 3113

ある日、10歳のレナリアは思い出した。前世で聖女だったこと、王子の婚約者だったこと、そして横恋慕してきた令嬢のために自分が聖女の力を使い果たして死んでしまったことを…!! 幸い、今世の守護精霊は人気のない風の精霊エアリアルだったけど、あれ? もしかして前世の魔法も使えちゃう…? もし聖女だとバレたら王族と婚約&また殺されてしまうかも!? もう、そんなのゴメンです! よし、手を抜きましょう。うん、よきよき!

Renaria suddenly remembers her memories from her previous life. In the past, she was a saintess who was proficient in light magic, However, using this magic is life-threatening…

The princess fakes, attempting to kill herself because she is in love with Renarias Fiance, the second prince. Using holy magic as is the duty of a saintess, she loses her life reviving the princess.

Now she is starting off her teenage years with her memories intact and a goal in mind to avoid being noticed by the royal family. Can she protect her identity? Will she be married off? Only time can tell